Welcome to the Gallery of NBG Member recent artist books!


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Beautiful Japanese Stab Binding books by Stephanie Strandberg
using the technique learned in October’s Hemp Leaf Binding workshop.



October 2020  “Child” submission for #areyoubookenoughchallenge

By Ashley Thayer

For October’s challenge, I wanted to make something interactive for my 15 month old to play with. Since he has absolutely zero patience to sit down and listen to me read from a book, I made a Jacob’s Ladder with depictions of classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Although not terribly complicated to construct, I still can’t wrap my head around how exactly it works!!



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September 2020  “Weathered” submission for #areyoubookenoughchallenge

By Ashley Thayer

“Weathered is a subject near and dear to my heart. Forget brand new and shinny, I prefer worn with a bit of character. The covers of this months book are from a piece of wood trim I found buried in my yard almost 8 years ago that’s been sitting in my garage ever since (I knew it would come in handy one day!!) The pages are eco dyed using a rusty old baking sheet, a bit of accelerated foxing if you will. I love the way it mimics the fallen leaves on the ground. The spine is a scrap of leather I had leftover from a previous project, and keeping the book closed is a corroded key that I picked up from a antique shop years ago.”

Too Many Moons - lg

Connie Stricks’ “Too Many Moons” is a 6″ x 6″ Japanese Screen structure
Materials: Bhutanese Tsasho, waxed lokta, board



Stephanie Strandberg attended the September 2020 NBG Program Meeting via Zoom.
She states, “The pocket folds Laurel showed us were so quick and fun I made a mini book and encasement cover from Margo’s demo.”


Join in the #areyoubookenoughchallenge!

All Guild members and guests are invited to participate in the Instagram based #areyoubookenoughchallenge. No Instagram account is required and participation is entirely voluntary.  Participating in the challenge is designed to grow our skills as book artists. It is possible to participate in as many themes as your time permits.

Upcoming #areyoubookenoughchallenge Themes

Jan 2021: Shelter

Feb 2021: Red

March 2021: Fenced

April 2021: Body Language

May 2021: Fruit

June 2021: Black and White

July 2021: Velvet

August 2021: Winding

September 2021: Open

October 2021: Rings

November 2021: Winged

December 2021: Frozen

Click below to view works created for past Book Exchanges

December 2020: Legs

November 2020: Recycle

October 2020: Child

September 2020: Weathered

August 2020: Mountain

July 2020: Sea

June 2020: Human

May 2020: Break

April 2020: Machine

March 2020: Hexagon

February 2020: Heal

January 2020: In-between

November 2019: Holiday Card

September 2019: Boreal Forest

July 2019: Found Objects

May 2019: Fabric

March 2019: Sticks

January 2019: Celestial Bodies

November 2018: Holiday Card

September 2018: Natural World

July 2018: Tags & Pockets (no photos available)

May 2018: Mail Art/Envelopes

March 2018: Mixed Media (no photos available)

January 2018: Celestial Bodies

November 2017: Holiday Card  (no photos available)

September 2017: Cloth  (no photos available)

July 2017: Fairy Tales

May 2017: Flowers  (no photos available)

March 2017: Collage

January 2017 (rescheduled to February 2017): Map Book  (no photos available)

November 2016: Holiday Cards

September 2016: Turquoise

July 2016: Painted Papers

May 2016: Quotations

March 24, 2016: Recycled, Repurposed

January 21, 2016: Calendar

November 19, 2015: Winter Card

September 24, 2015: Trees

July 30, 2015: Scavenged  (no photos available)

May 28, 2015: Black and White  (no photos available)

March 26, 2015: A Single Sheet of Paper

January 21, 2015: Valentine Books!

November 20, 2014: Our First Exchange! Holiday Cards


If you wish to participate in the exchange, make a book based on the theme and bring it to the Guild meeting. The exchange will occur through a blind drawing. If you submit a book, you will receive another in exchange.

The rewards of participation include a bit of motivation to actually complete a small book arts project in a two-month time frame, a theme which invites exploration in a new form or practice of skills in book arts construction, and the opportunity to take home an artist book created by another Guild member. The rewards for all, even non-participants, include the opportunity to see and handle a variety of creative expressions of book arts, an opportunity to learn from each other, and the inspiration to try new techniques at home.