The highlight of the December meeting was our first “Exchange Event,” whereby participating members brought a hand-made holiday card to the meeting, hidden in a brown paper sack. Numbers were drawn, and we took turns opening our bags, oohing and ahhing over everything that came out! Happy Holidays, indeed! Here, for your inspection, is the complete set. We are looking forward to seeing what great inspirations will emerge from the bags at our next meeting!

Please note: As this was our first exchange, and we were taking photos in a rush at the end, we did not get the names of all artists correctly associated with each holiday card image. As you peruse the gallery, if you recognize the artist behind an unattributed work, please send us an email, and we will update that info. Likewise, if we misspelled your name, please let us know and allow us to correct it here. Sorry, and thank you. We’ll do better next time!