Fifteen Northwoods Book Arts Guild members (and one soon to be, we hope!) attended UAF’s 2015 Wintermester course entitled “Drum Leaf Bindings.” This course was led by our own Margo Klass, who was re-introduced to the technique in a Santa Fe book arts workshop led by Laura Wait last summer. To use Margo’s words from the course guide: “Most of us associate this practical binding technique with children’s board books, but in the hands of a book artist this binding is an elegant alternative to sewn and concertina structures. Although technically very exacting, the drum leaf binding has the advantage of using one-sided folios whose imagery flows uninterrupted across the┬ácenter of the spread. This structure is very useful for any combination of painted/collaged papers, printed pages with calligraphy or text, and photographs.”

As you can see, in the hands of the book artists attending the class, under the instruction of Margo, the results are elegant, indeed!