We are very excited to report that our Guild’s very own Kelsey Excelsior Letterpress is on its way to Alaska! The generous donors, Charlotte Bird and Frances Watson of San Diego, CA, are donating the letterpress to the Guild. Included in their donation are the letterpress, variously sized fonts, a font cabinet, extra font drawers, and press furniture.  In addition to shipping costs, the Letterpress Project campaign will support setting the press up in the NBG Studio, purchasing inks, paper, and other printing supplies, and training Guild members to use and maintain the press. The goal of the campaign is $4000.

“The Letterpress Project” is an exciting opportunity to support the establishment of letterpress printing equipment in the Northwoods Book Arts Studio. This will provide NBG members and invited guests opportunities to use the letterpress for limited edition printings of quality artist books and broadsides. The Guild is seeking donors interested in supporting this fine addition to the Fairbanks Arts community.

You and your friends are invited to support the Letterpress Project by making a donation in any amount. Donors who make a gift at the $250 level will be recognized as Press Patrons and will receive a copy of the very first limited edition printing that rolls off the press!

Please use the form on the right to submit a donation electronically through the North Star Community Fund website.  You can also send a check to:

Northwoods Book Arts Guild

Attention: Letterpress Project

P.O. Box 83572, Fairbanks, AK 99708

Donations are very much appreciated, and are completely tax deductible.

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