EdgesCasemt CC

Keep your metal edges ready for travel in a handcrafted casement. The edges fit nicely into a protective well that is enclosed in sturdy Khadi paper, personalized with a panel of decorative paper, and bound with a tie-closure.  Make your casement for either 9” or 18” edges – or both!

Enrollment limited to 8; sign up at NBG meeting on May 26 or email margoklass@icloud.com

Cost of Studio Session (donation to NBG): $15

  • Materials fee for 9” edges casement: $5 (payable to instructor)
  • Materials fee for 18” edges casement: $8 (payable to instructor)

Bring with you:

  • Cutting mat
  • Bonefolders (folding and scoring)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Rulers
  • Strip of decorative paper (approximately 1.5 x 8-12”)
  • Edges (of course !)

Included in fee:

  • Black core for interior well
  • Khadi paper for outer wrap
  • Ribbon/tape for tie-closure
  • PVA and MacTac

Need edges?     9” edges – available at Paper Birches     18” edges – available at If Only