Let the Spine Speak

with Connie Stricks

 NPBAF photo 1

Saturday, March 16, 2019

10am – 4pm, NBG Studio

$60 members    $75 non-members

$20 materials fee

Limited to 10 participants

Join Connie in using the long stitch to create an 8 x 4 ¼”, hard bound book whose spine carries the decorative emphasis.  This binding allows the spine to make the statement through the use of patterned and plain papers, seen through its 2-3 ‘windows’—yet it supports a strong, functional structure with blank pages for writing and drawing. Covering book board with paper, and using a selection of handmade and commercially printed papers, we’ll explore this structure.  There’ll be a choice of fine papers for covers and guards used to embellish the spines—making each person’s book truly their own.

Instructor will supply:

        Precut Davey Binder’s board for covers and spine

        Papers for cover, end and guard papers, and book block

        Waxed linen thread and needles

        PVA glue & MacTac

        Piercing block

Participants should bring:

        Cutting mat (preferably 18×24)

        X-acto knife and blades

        Bone (or Teflon) folder and bone scorer

        Book binding awl

        Small needle nose pliers (without teeth)

        Ruler 12-18” (I prefer clear plastic rulers used by quilters, e.g., “EZ Quilting”)

        Scissors, pencil, eraser

        Glue brush (1”w flat or Japanese round paste brush size 12 or 14)

        Optional: piercing cradle; weight (covered brick is perfect!)

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