NBG Workshop: Eco Printing and Dyeing on Paper

With Corlis Taylor and Laurel Herbeck

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July 11, 2020, 10am-4pm
Location: Corlis Taylor’s Studio 104#
748 Gaffney Road

Class fee: $60, plus $15 material fee

Join us in this fun and exciting opportunity to learn Eco-printing with plant materials and Natural dyeing with dye extracts to make gorgeous, unique paper.  Instructors will provide paper, dyeing equipment, plant material and dye extract; but feel free to collect from your own garden, or woods. Leaves, berries, bark, flowers and other plant materials, such as onion skins can be kept fresh for several days in gallon sized plastic bags. Rusty items such as nails and old metal objects make interesting design elements as they leave imprints on the paper.


Payment in advance is most appreciated. Checks or cash will be accepted at the beginning of class.

Checks may be mailed to the NBG studio at Suite 205, 3550 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709

Register with Instructor: Corlis Taylor (cytaylorak at gmail.com)



In an effort to not share viruses, we will be practicing social distancing, hand sanitation and wear masks when indoors.

This class is limited to six participants so each person may work at their own table.

Participants please provide the following: Notebook or journal, pencil or pen, scissors, apron, towel, heavy rubber gloves, personal face covering, plastic grocery bags (to take home wet paper), and plant materials (if available).

Backyard plants: roses, marigold, delphinium leaf, birch, chokecherry leaves, geraniums, nasturtiums, fireweed (flowers and leaves) any other colorful flower, plant, or berry.