A collaborative Artist Book for the ITOC Exhibition
All NBG Members Welcome!
Thursday, January 13, 1-4pm
NBG Studio
RSVPs and Masks Required
NBG members are invited to participate in creating a collaborative Boreal Herbarium for the exhibition, In Time Of Change: Boreal Forest Stories, scheduled for September 2022 in the Bear Gallery.
An Herbarium is an herbal medicine book whose history begins in ancient Egypt and Greece. The originals are lost to time, but many survive in the form of copies, translated into Latin and handed down. Monks and nuns in monasteries and convents copied the books, raised herbs, and made medicine from the plants in gardens of the cloisters. By the Middle Ages they were printed on presses, often illustrated with woodcuts. Modern herbals are illustrated with botanical drawings and paintings, or photographs, and mass produced. With the advent of modern medicine they fell out of favor as sources of medicine, but retained their charm. With renewed interest in ecology and sustainability, many are interested in herbals again.
Our group will create a collaborative book consisting of folios illustrating a variety of boreal forest specimens. Let us know if you are interested in joining us by making a folio or two for the NBG Boreal Herbarium.
The work session on January 7, 1-4pm, will focus on selection of species and on the media and techniques of botanical drawing. There will be a list of species from which to select subjects for your folios.
Contact Laurel Herbeck or Chris Pastro for more information and to RSVP for the meeting on January 7.