Northwoods Book Arts Guild
A Compendium of
Fabulous Foldables
FoldablesCover 1
NBG 2021 program activities focused on an exploration of foldable book structures, many based on simple accordion structures created by Hedi Kyle. The models made at our meetings were made from single pieces of paper or by folding several sheets and connecting them in various ways. While each foldable can stand on its own, some can function as an element of a larger, more complex structure. They require nothing more than basic bookbinding tools – cutting mat, knife, rulers, bone folder, scissors, pencil and eraser. Some require the use of an adhesive such as double-stick tape, glue stick, or PVA glue.
The Guild introduced the compendium at its Books As Art 3 exhibition where the first printing sold out. Now in its second printing, we are offering it for sale at Paper Birches ($25 each, available during Open Studio hours on Wednesdays) or by mail order ($33).