Foldable Pocket Book
with Susan Campbell
Saturday, July 18, 2020
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Join us on ZOOM for the July Program Meeting.This will be the first time we’ve tried this format for a program meeting and we are excited to provide this opportunity for our NBG community. The meeting will begin with some announcements and highlights of Guild activities that have taken place online during the past couple of months. If you’d like to make a book for the #areyoubookenough challenge, we’d love to see it. July’s theme is SEA. Please let us know here if you’d like to share your book at the meeting and we’ll put you on the agenda.
For our hands-on activity, Susan Campbell will teach us how to construct a simple foldable book (pictured above). You can join her by having these supplies ready to go:
*1 piece of lightweight paper, 2 ½” x 20″ (It looks best if your paper is double-sided with a different color or print on each side.)
*1 piece of plain paper, 2 ½” x 20″ to fold into an accordion (green paper in photo)
*2 pieces of plain paper, 2 ½” x 4 ¾” for pages (tan paper in photo)
*waxed linen thread, 8″, for a 3-hole pamphlet stitch
*Tools: cutting mat, ruler, X-acto knife, bone folder, scoring tool, awl, needle, scissors, and a piece of scrap foam core to use when piercing holes with awl.