November 5-27, 2021
Fairbanks Arts Association
Bear Gallery
Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 12-6pm

Dear NBG Community,
I am thrilled to announce the opening of Books as Art 3 this Friday, November 5, 2021. Last Sunday, 164 handmade books were delivered to the Bear Gallery. For those of us coordinating the InTake Event, it was an exciting afternoon. I felt a keen sense of delight as each artist opened their box or bag and set their books on the table. I think you will be as thrilled as I am when you see the wide array of artist books in the show. This week, the Exhibition Committee is in the process of thoughtfully arranging the books, labels, signage, and special displays so that everything will be ready for Friday’s opening.

The breadth of this exhibition articulates the creativity and imagination of NBG members. I hope you can join me at our two special hybrid events this month. On November 5 we will celebrate the opening of Books As Art 3, highlighting the Set Book Project, a unique collaboration between our Guild and the University of Alaska Press. On November 19, we will gather again for our annual meeting and a commemoration of the 10 Year Anniversary of our Guild. All the information and links to both of the events are listed below.

Books as Art 3 will be open November 5-27, Monday-Saturday, 12-6pm. I hope you will all be able to make it to the Bear Gallery to see the show in person and purchase handmade artist books and cards from NBG’s Artist of the Month display in the Gift Shop. I am grateful to all the NBG artists who have shared their books and to all the volunteers who have worked to bring our show to life.

Warmest regards,
Susan Campbell
NBG President


Bear Gallery
Sunday, October 31, 12-6pm


Exhibition Entries:
Fill out an Exhibition InTake Form for each entry.
If an entry is for sale, set price to include 35% FAA commission.
Download InTake forms here, or pick up at NBG Studio on Wednesdays, 12-4pm
Gift Shop (GSAM) Entries:
Fill out one Gift Shop Artist of the Month (GSAM) InTake Form listing your items and prices.
Please note that prices include 35% FAA commission.
Note: The Bear Gallery is closed to the public on Sunday, October 31. You may drive into Pioneer Park through the gate at Moore/2nd Street and enter Centennial Hall through the north door (opposite The Folk School) or park out front and walk around to the north door.


General Entries
Artist books created over the last 4 years are eligible:
they may be one-of-a-kind or editioned;
they may or may not have text and/or images;
they may have been made in a class or on your own.
NBG members may submit up to 4 entries in this category.


Foldable Entries
If you used a foldable structure to create an artist book, enter it in this category.
Recent program meetings have focused on foldable structures,
but Foldables are not limited to those presented at our meetings.
Our goal is to include the widest variety of foldable structures as possible.
There’s no limit to the number you may submit in this category.


Set Book Entries
If you participated in the Set Book Project, all of your books completed
for the project are part of the Set Book category.
View a 1 minute preview of the NBG Set Book Project submissions!
(Thank you to Debi Bodett for producing this Set Book movie.)


Letterpress/Chap Book Entries
If you created a letterpress chapbook or used letterpress in any of your books,
enter them in this category.
There’s no limit to the number that you may submit in this category.
#areyoubookenough Entries
 If you created books in response to any of the #areyoubookenough challenges,
enter them in this category.
It’s not too late! Recent and upcoming challenge themes:
September – Open
October – Rings
November – Winged
There’s no limit to the number that you may submit in this category.


Gift Shop Category
Because NBG is the designated Gift Shop Artist of the Month (GSAM), you are encouraged to create book works to be offered for sale in the Bear Gallery Gift Shop. A 35% commission on all sales supports the Fairbanks Arts Association. There is no limit to the number you may submit in this category.