We’re keeping it local this year and holding our very own bi-monthly book arts challenge. How you interpret the theme, structure, and materials used is up to you! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and can be a great way to stay motivated to make books throughout the year. You’ll have 2 months to finish each challenge book. Anytime within the two-month period, email a photo of your completed work and a brief description to Ashley Thayer. Participants will be featured on our website. The goal is for as many members as possible to participate in making at least ONE challenge book this year.

*If you need help or inspiration,
utilizing NBG Open Studio time on Wednesdays is a great option*

2023 Themes
September/October: Architecture
November/December: Winter

Email for more information and to share photos.

How would a theme of “Wood” inspire a Book Artist?  View the images below to find out!

Ashley Thayer’s response to the theme of “Wood”


Magdeleine Ferru’s response to the theme of “Wood”


Oralee Nudson’s “Alder branch cast in Sterling Silver displayed in Birch Bark box”

Interpretations of the May/June theme of “Jewelry” generated a lovely variety of wearable original artist books by NBG members.

Corlis Taylor’s “Paper Bead Necklace”


Magdeleine Ferru’s “Woman’s Right”


Ashley Thayer’s “Hornbook Necklace”


Oralee Nudson’s “Mood Ring in a Colorful Handmade Box”

View an impressive collection of original work by NBG members, all woven together by the March/April theme of “Fiber”.

Corlis Taylor’s response to “Fiber”


Connie Strick’s response to “Fiber”


Ashley Thayer’s response to “Fiber”


Magdeleine Ferru’s response to “Fiber”

  Oralee Nudson’s “Fiber debossing”

The January/February theme of “Calendar” drew several variations from the creative minds of NBG Members.  View their interpretations below.

Magdeleine Ferru’s “Lunar Calendar”


Sherrill Peterson’s “Calendar”


Ashley Thayer’s “Volvelle Calendar”


Oralee Nudson’s “Engraved Astrological Calendar in Custom Box”

2022 Themes
Three NBG Members showcased their creativity in response to the theme of “Landscape” for the November/December challenge.
View their wonderful work below.

dunstanburgh1-ashleythayer  dunstanburgh2-ashleythayer
Ashley Thayer’s “Dunstanburgh”

denaliscapes-chrispastro denaliscapes1-chrispastrodenaliscapes-chrispastro(1)
Chris Greenfield-Pastro’s “Denaliscapes”

Sherrillpeterson-landscape1 sherrillpeterson-landscape2
Sherrill Peterson’s “Landscape”

September/October theme of “Mythical” inspired intriguing designs from our steadfast challenge book makers.
View their creative works below!

demeterandaskalabos-chrispastro1 demeterandaskalabos-chrispastro2 demeterandaskalabos-chrispastro3
Chris Greenfield-Patro’s “Demeter and Askalabos”

Ashley Thayer’s “Dragon”

Magdéleine.FERRU.la.dame.du.lac-8 Magdéleine.FERRU.la.dame.du.lac-6 Magdéleine.FERRU.la.dame.du.lac-5
Magdeleine Ferru’s “la dame du lac”

Fruits of one’s labor come to fruition in July and August in Alaska.  Celebrating the theme of “Garden”, view NBG members’ artist books for the season.

Chrispastrogarden20221 chrispastrogarden20222
Chris Greenfield-Pastro’s “Garden 2022”

Ashley Thayer’s “Garden Borage”

magdinmygardenthereis5 magdinmygardenthereis4 magdinmygardenthereis3 magdinmygardenthereis2 Magdinmygardenthereis1
Magdeleine Ferru’s “In My Garden There Is”

The months of May and June bring big seasonal changes to Alaska,
and NBG members celebrated the time with adorable “Tiny” themed books featured below.

Linda Adamson’s “Tiny Book”


Ashley Thayer’s “Tiny Gothic Binding”


Chris Greenfield-Pastro’s “First Green”


Magdeleine Ferru’s “Tiny Book”


Sherrill Peterson’s “Teeny Tiny Tomes”


Stephane Stranberg’s “Teeny Tome”

The March/April theme of “Playing Cards” drew wit and creativity from NBG members featured below.  Enjoy!

IMG_4777 IMG_4779
“Cut the Cards” by Chris Greenfield-Pastro


Magdéleine.FERRU.Playing.card.Back.to.Nature-1 Magdéleine.FERRU.Playing.card.Back.to.Nature-2 Magdéleine.FERRU.Playing.card.Back.to.Nature-5 Magdéleine.FERRU.Playing.card.Back.to.Nature-7
“Back to Nature” by Magdeleine Ferru
Freely inspired by the book “Back to Nature, Fatu Hiva” by Norvegian Thor Heyerdahl, published in 1974


ashley ashley2
“Ode to Jost Amman” by Ashley Thayer
Inspired by playing cards made by German Artist Jost Amman circa 1588


Laurel 4 Laurel 3 Laurel 2 Laurel 1
“Royals” by Laurel Herbeck


View the following January/Feburary “Scroll” themed artist books shared by NBG members.  Great work folks!


A Scroll
A volution
A roll.
An ornament on a stringed instrument
Or capital of a column
An ancient book or papyrus or parchment
Or roll of sacred writings
“Rustic Scroll” by Connie Stricks


sherill-04 sherill03 sherill-02 sherill-01
“Valentine Scroll” by Sherrill Peterson


“Tangled” by Ashley Thayer


“Lost” by Chris Greenfield-Pastro


Magdéleine-01 Magdéleine.FERRU.Scroll.Il.était.une.fois-14 Magdéleine.FERRU.Scroll.Il.était.une.fois-11 Magdéleine.FERRU.Scroll.Il.était.une.fois-10 Magdéleine.FERRU.Scroll.Il.était.une.fois-9 Magdéleine.FERRU.Scroll.Il.était.une.fois-6
“Il était une fois…” by Magdeleine Ferru


scytale01 scytale02
“Scytale Secret Valentine” by Oralee Nudson