Welcome to the Teeny Tiny Tomes Tin Challenge!

How many tiny books (Teeny Tiny Tomes) can you make and fit in a peppermint tin?

Stop by the NBG Studio in Fairbanks on Wed. Feb 14th between 12 and 2pm to pick up your very own
Teeny Tiny Tomes Tin Challenge!
— or —
If you want to get started early, download the instructions below…

How to make Teeny Tiny Tomes based on Marilyn Askelin’s design

Challenge description in the form of a DIY zine from single folded sheet of paper

How to fold the zine from a single sheet of paper

Stay warm and let us know how you finished your challenge on Instagram!

*** This 40 Below Challenge is inspired by dozens of empty peppermint tins donated to the Northwoods Book Arts Guild,
forty below temperatures, and fond memories of a dearly missed friend, Marilyn Askelin,
who shared the Teeny Tiny Tomes structure with us in 2015. ***