The September meeting was a reunion of sorts, our first gathering after the Books As Art exhibition whirlwind and the following summer hiatus. Corlis introduced a new Guild “exchange” program, whereby members who wish to participate create an item at home, then bring it to the next meeting for a random exchange among other participating members. We are starting off easy with a simple holiday card exchange, and January will bring some sort of book exchange adventure!

Laurel led a terrific mark-making activity with a variety of inks, paints, markers, brushes, and other implements available for all to sample. The pass around format was fun, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to try out new media. Many of us were introduced for the first time to the smooth, lovely surface of bristol paper! Have you gone out to buy your own pad yet?

Sushelia & Lois Laurel's marks Linda's marks Laurel & Corlis mark-makers