*** Letterpress Update ***

A milestone reached!

The Letterpress Committee has been hard at work! All the texts have been set and printed for publication of Imprints. It has been a long and fruitful learning process in the letterpress studio and the results are everything we hoped for. Each text was printed on 50 sheets of Torinoko paper for the book itself, in addition to 18 more copies printed on Nishinoushi paper for prints of individual pages. They are beautiful!

Thank you to the following writers who contributed texts to our first publication of Northwoods Press: Suzanne Bishop, Bruce Campbell, Susan Campbell, Susheila Khera, Mary Maisch, Rebecca Morse, Peggy Shumaker, Frank Soos, Karen Stomberg, and Connie Stricks.

It’s now time to add images to the printed folios. Artists have been paired with the writers to respond visually to an assigned text. Over the next three months their images will be added to each of the pages. Each image will be carved into wood or linoleum plates and printed by hand to complete each page.

Thank you to the artists who are participating in this phase of the project: Linda Adamson, Gayle Hazen, Laurel Herbeck, Margo Klass, Klara Maisch, Mary Maisch, Oralee Nudson, Chris Pastro, Karen Stomberg, Corlis Taylor, and Kes Woodward.