The Kelsey Letterpress, donated to our Guild by Charlotte Bird and Frances Watson of San Diego, CA, has arrived at its new home in the NBG studio! There it sits in fortuitous tandem with ANOTHER Kelsey Letterpress owned by Bruce Campbell! Bruce has become our go-to person for all things letterpress, as he grew up using that press that once belonged to his grandfather. He has been teaching Susan Campbell (no recent relation!) how to use his press as we wait for the final replacement parts that will make our press fully functional. There has been much work to do with unpacking and organizing all of the type fonts and other typesetting equipment, and we have Susan and Bruce to thank for taking on the bulk of the work.

You may have noticed that box on our homepage referring to the Letterpress Project. That is our fundraising mechanism for paying for the shipment of the press to Fairbanks, its refurbishment, and costs of supplies necessary to use the press. Our fiscal agent, North Star Community Foundation, handles the finances for us. It is very easy to donate– if Mary can do it, you can too! Just push the button!