Northwoods Book Arts Guild is pleased to invite you to participate in our second major exhibition of book arts in the Fairbanks area, opening June 2, 2017, at Well Street Art Company.

This group exhibition will explore books as art and welcomes a wide spectrum of handcrafted book forms. They may be editioned or unique, sculptural or more traditionally bound, interactive or passive. It will be exciting to see a demonstration of the growth of this art form in the three years since our previous exhibition!

This show is open to members of the Northwoods Book Arts Guild. We welcome new members at any time. It is not too soon to start planning your fabulous artist book entry! Each artist is invited to enter up to three works.

All works must be for sale, with a gallery commission of fifty percent.

Further information is detailed in the prospectus.  Each artist must submit a completed entry form, at the time of entry intake.