The latest UAF Rasmuson Library showcase exhibits books that were created in response to vintage books selected from the the Alaska Literacy Council’s Forget-Me-Not used book store. Coincidentally, each of these books feature imagery of birds!


“Hello,” by Linda Adamson, uses pochoir images, printed text, Khadi paper, book cloth, and metal. It is a modified panorama structure. Created in 2014 in response to “Hello,” by James W. Foley, 1915.


On the left, “A Charm of Birds,” by Margo Klass, features pochoir images, gouache, and Japanese papers in a screen structure, with casement. Created in 2014 in response to “A Charm of Birds,” by Rose Porter, 1897.

On the right, “Bird Gods,” by Mary Baarlaer Maisch, utilizes Zendala tiles, ink, gold marker, vintage imagery on Canson paper, and book cloth in a concertina structure, with casement.  Created in 2014 in response to “Bird Gods,” by Charles de Kap, 1898.