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Learn about bookmaking opportunities beyond what the Guild offers in Fairbanks. We will let you know about upcoming workshops and other events that intrigue and inspire us!


Newport Paper Book Arts Festival 2021
September 17-19, 2021

Full day and half day studio and lecture workshops
Free mini-lectures (must be registered to attend)


New Workshops
Click here to read about the new series of virtual workshops offered by Linda Marshall, Karen Hardy, and Andrew Huot at Book Paper Thread. Workshops begin in June and run throughout the summer months.


University of Alaska Fairbanks
Summer Sessions 2021
Bookmaking: Collage as Content
Friday, June 4 6-8pm
Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6 10-noon and 1-3pm
Margo Klass, Instructor
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This workshop focuses on using collage to tell a story. A combination of form, color, and space become a visual language to impart content. Just as we read from left to right, we will create our collaged images progressively from one panel to the next, intentionally including both movement and rest throughout the 6-paneled concertina structure. Discrete areas of hand-stitched texture will be added to punctuate space and embellish forms. A colophon, on the reverse of the last panel, can include written information about its imagery, if desired. The completed concertina will be cased in board covers, with an inset cover plate, to create the finished book.
The workshop format will include the following:
·      Pre-workshop appointment (in person, with masks and social distancing) to pick up materials, select palette, and determine scale for your project.
·      Workshop sessions on Zoom as outlined above.
·      Post-workshop appointments (virtual or in person) to bring project to completion.


UAF Rasmuson Library
Book Arts Basics
The newly installed display at the Rasmuson Library features NBG’s Book Arts Basic classes. Included are examples of the materials, tools, bindings, and foldable structures featured in Series 1. The program of sequential classes is tailored for beginning book artists and is supported by a Community Development Grant from Alaska State Council on the Arts.
Where We Live
July 12-17, 2021
This three-day series of online events centered around the these “Where We Live” will include featured speakers, a juried exhibition, artist reception, a challenge book, and vendor marketplace. Learn more: https://focusonbookarts.org/virtualfoba/



Timothy Ely: Line of Sight
Timothy Ely began making books as early as 1957. He is now one of our most important book artists. An interest in art, UFO images, alchemy, science, comic books and odd religious arcana led him from painting and design into bookbinding. Timothy Ely, in collaboration with Doug Garnett and Sam Q. Garnett, has produced a documentary of his work and process.


Hand Bookbinders of California
Members’ Exhibition
The Hand Bookbinders of California (HBC) celebrates its 48th year in 2020 with a members’ exhibition at the Arion Press in San Francisco. HBC is an organization of individuals dedicated to preserving and passing on the traditions of fine binding and book arts. The annual exhibition showcases the diverse talents of its members; this year, it includes over 40 unique book structures.
A to Z: How Writing Changed the World
Just as writing changed the course of human history, the evolution of paper and printing revolutionized the spread of information. The printing press kicked off the Industrial Revolution that fast-tracked us to the current digital age. But as the 4,000-year-old tradition of penmanship falls out of favor, should we consider what might be lost in this pursuit of ever more efficient communication? (Premiered September 30, 2020)
New Book Arts Exhibition:
All Sorts (No Licorice!)
Join Cynthia Sears, founder and director of Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, for a video tour of BIMA’s current artist book exhibition.
Watch the video here

Tim Barrett: The Story of a Papermaker
This video presents the story of Tim Barrett, retiring director of University of Iowa Center for the Book, MacArthur Fellow, and world renowned papermaker. Many of us have used his Iowa Case Paper as book covers and casements.
Watch the video here.
Book Artist in Desperate Need of Inventory Control
Cavallini and other deco papers – paid $4-6 – $3 each or lot of ten for $25
Shizen cotton rag papers, packs of 25 mixed colors, 9×11 – paid $20 – $12
Shizen cotton rag papers, various colors, 19×25 – paid $3-5 – $2
Khadi cotton rag suitable for covers, various colors, 22×30 – paid $5 – $3
Contact Mary Maisch to pick up!


On Display at UAF Rasmuson Library: IMPRINTS


Stop by the Rasmuson Library at UAF to see the new display! Recently installed is an exhibition of Imprints, the first publication of the Guild’s Northwoods Press. Included are examples of the the book itself, its casement, the colophonic booklet, and one of the 11 broadsides. A selection of photographs will remind all those who worked on the book of our 3-year journey together to complete this very special project.

An exhibition of artist books by Susan Joy Share
Bivy, 419 G Street, Anchorage
If you happen to be in Anchorage this month or next, don’t miss this show of Susan Share’s artist books at Bivy. Curated by Simonetta Mignano, proprietor of Bivy, this exhibition takes on the exploration of books “as an ever-evolving art form.” The show runs through September.
Read a review of the exhibition here.


The Sewn Board Binding, a model book by book artist Roberta Lavadour, is one of the treasures brought home from Focus On Book Arts (FOBA). Members attending the Guild’s July meeting were able to see it. This beautifully crafted cut-away model demonstrates all the nuances of good construction of this basic binding. The book is sold out but you can email Roberta here to get on the wait list for the next edition. See more photos here.

Origami Poems Project

The Origami Poems Project publishes microchaps of poems formatted of a single sheet of paper. The paper folds origami-style (using what NBG refers to as the French Fold structure) into palm-sized books. Download each microchap (at no charge) from the website. Alaska’s own Emily Wall has two microchaps on the site. More information about the project, printing and folding the book, and subscribing to their newsletters here.

Something new: Dwarsliggers!
Discover these tiny pocket-sized flipback books – they are the size of a cellphone and no thicker than your thumb, with paper as thin as onion skin. They can be read with one hand – the text flows horizontally, and you can flip the pages upward, like swiping a smartphone.  Read all about them here.

New Notable Publication
by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol
Attention Hedi Kyle fans!!! Renowned book artist Hedi Kyle and her daughter, Ulla Warchol, just published Art of the Fold. It includes step-by-step directions for creating her unique structures using folding techniques. Projects include flag books, the fishbone fold, and nesting boxes.