Northwoods Book Arts Guild

is a community of artists actively learning about and creating artist books in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Guild promotes all aspects of book arts through education, participation in exhibitions, and community outreach.

NBG is affiliated with the North Star Community Foundation. The Foundation serves as our fiscal agent. All monetary transactions on our site, including membership and donations, are re-directed to the NSCF site in a new window.

Our Studio is located in the Caribou Building, Suite 205 at 3550 Airport Way, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709. “Paper Birches”, our cooperative supply inventory, is also located there, as are most of our classes and workshops.

NBG Workshop – Tunnel Books with Laurel – 07.12&13.19

NBG Workshop – Tunnel Books with Laurel – 07.12&13.19

The Tunnel Book is a unique layered structure, designed to create a simple or complex design in three-dimensional space. In this workshop we will design and develop our ideas on Friday night and create the final book on Saturday. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

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The Marilyn Askelin Scholarship Program

Through a simple on-line application process, scholarships are available for program meeting fees and workshops that are offered by the Northwoods Book Arts Guild. The Program also supports members’ annual dues. In Marilyn’s memory this Scholarship Program insures that no one is turned away from the opportunity to participate in the activities of Northwoods Book Arts Guild.

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NBG Workshop: Let the Spine Speak – 03.16.19

NBG Workshop: Let the Spine Speak – 03.16.19

Join Connie in using the long stitch to create an 8 x 4 ¼”, hard bound book whose spine carries the decorative emphasis. This binding allows the spine to make the statement through the use of patterned and plain papers, seen through its 2-3 ‘windows’—yet it supports a strong, functional structure with blank pages for writing and drawing.

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Have a workshop idea to share?  Interested in instructing?  Want to suggest a new book exchange theme? Complete the online survey and let us know!

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Guild Workshops

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Contact any NBG Board member if you have an idea for a class you would like to lead or to take.

Scholarships are available for NBG members to cover bookmaking workshop instructional fees.  Apply by completing the Marilyn Askelin Memorial Workshop Scholarship Request Form (docx or pdf).

Paper Birches

“Paper Birches,” our Guild book arts supply program, is open at the NBG Studio located in Suite 205 at the Caribou Building, 3550 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709. Supplies may be purchased at Open Book events, meetings, and workshops held at The Folk School. You may also contact any Guild Board member to make an appointment to meet at the studio.

NOW IN STOCK: BFK Rives, Arches text wove, Shizen and Khadi papers; book board and piercing cradle kits; metal measuring edges, linen tape, and folder stock; MacTac and Jade 403 PVA adhesives; waxed linen thread by the spool or by the yard.

Let us know of materials or supplies that you’d like to have available to you– by buying together we can take advantage of bulk discounts and save on shipping. This makes it possible to spend more on beautiful papers!